"Yankee Stadium Forever"


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The Inspiring Journey:

Ross Lewis, photographer,  shares about:

  •  His two-and-a-half year photographic  journey through the original Yankee Stadium. 
  •  His 22-year international professional  photography career.
  •  His 12-year  association with the National Football League  as a special-assignment photographer.

Spring of 1969: Inspiration like Never before!

 On that sunny spring afternoon in Central Park (NY City), photography entered my life and my life changed forever. Although I did not know it then, I have since been convinced that life, for me, was about "following my heart". 

The Motivation: Suzie, my girlfriend in Providence, politely told me that we could not continue. I was shocked and miserable! All was fine in my life. A great job at CBS.  A 15th-floor apartment in Chelsea.  But feeling unsettled was, at times, overwhelming!  

A pause from the anguish. The old Nikkromat 35mm camera, given to me by Arthur, my brother-in-law, was the tool. Entering the park, I approached the juggler. A tall young man with brown, nest-like hair dressed in all white and expertly tossing three oranges as the crowd around him delighted. I cautiously, yet intently moved through the crowd, closer and closer. Multiple photos. Verticals! Horizontals!  Never before had I used a  camera like I did in that moment. I remember feeling enlightened. And for those moments, Suzie and the pain disappeared. 

The experience was so moving that the camera, film, adventure, risk and passion became the motivators for my life.  Photography became the fuel.

The Early 70s: Exploration, Passion!

 I couldn't get enough of IT! That Day in Central Park!

The 24/7 passion for pictures was always with me.  The subways and streets became my worlds for challenge, excitement, fear, apprehensions, drive. 

Harlem! Coney Island! Central Park! The Staten Island Ferry! Lower East Side! Orchard Street! Hell's Kitchen. Chinatown! Night! Day! Morning! Rain! Snow! I couldn't get enough of IT! 

All a prelude to Yankee Stadium.

October 1, 1973! Day One of "Yankee Stadium Forever".

  The Day is here! The dream begins!

The original Yankee Stadium was a treasured boyhood experience for me.  It began in 1954 when my big brother, Jerry, a West Point cadet,  took me to my first game.  I was 11 years old .  That day nourished my love for The Stadium forever.  The Yankees beat the Detroit Tigers 8-0. But surprisingly, on that day,  the  baseball game  was not what captivated me as much as my awe for The Stadium. Those images  are still present and alive for me today in 2019, sixty-five years later.  The bluest of blues. The greenest of greens. The brownest of browns. Perfect cartoon-like colors. I wanted jump and roll and tumble on the grass! No longer was Yankee Stadium the black and white ballpark I watched on our Dumont TV.  That day in 1954, was alive with color. The stuff that dreams are made of. 

And so, on October 1, 1973, the "D" train delivered me to  The Great Stadium on that fall-cool sunny day for the beginning of the two-and-a-half year photographic journey through the soul of that 1954  wonderful day! "Yankee  Stadium Forever" was alive!